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What Pet Owners Say

"quickly convinced"

'After being introduced to Diana through a City Dogs foster dog training and seeing her in action, I was quickly convinced that she was the person to train (and board when needed) my recent adoptee, Noah.  After one week with Diana, Noah returned to me much more calm, relaxed, and with many commands under his belt.  

I was also super impressed with her lengthy tutorial with me, ensuring that I have the tools to continue his behavior and obedience training every day.  Her pet taxi is pretty amazing too for those of us living in the District.  I feel heartened and confident knowing I can always take Noah to Diana's Pet Care.'

'Noah' & Margaret
Washington, DC

"truly a gifted trainer"

'...what Diana has done for the Humane Society of Charles County. She is truly a gifted trainer. She has taken some pretty tough cases and turned things around in the most amazing ways. She has handled just about any problem you can imagine - dog aggression, food aggression, shyness, separation anxiety - the list is a long one. She has also handled dogs of all sizes and breeds with ease.
I have heard nothing but good things from her Sunday classes. And personally, I have taken my dog to her house for boarding and he returns to me happy, and lovable, and with better manners!
Her style is clear and concise. She is very easy to work with and a true professional, and her knowledge base is broad. And if that wasn't enough she has a kind and generous heart. Without her help on some of these tougher cases we wouldn't have been able to save those dogs.'

'Cooper' & Julie
HSCC Waldorf, MD

"lots of wisdom & experience "

'I spent the first year and a half with Mattie frustrated and isolated due to the aggression she displayed. It was really hard. I was referred to Diana by a co-worker. I decided to have Mattie stay with her for a one week boot camp followed up by a private training session. My life with Mattie has never been the same after that experience. At the private training session I got to see Mattie off leash around multiple dogs and without any hint of aggression. She even took off playing and running around with a higher energy dog and it almost made me cry.
I started taking Mattie to the humane society classes to help with socialization and have gotten much more comfortable interacting with Mattie and other dogs, both on and off leash. I even have been fostering another dog for the past few months with no issues. It's amazing that Mattie has learned to interact differently with dogs and people and also that I now have the skills and confidence to work her manage any situations we encounter comfortably. Diana is the reason I am a happy dog owner today. She has a lot of wisdom and experience and since I have become friends with her, I have seen her work with dogs with all sorts of issues and they all have greatly improved. She really is amazing. I continue to refer my friends to her for assistance with their dogs.'

'Mattie' & Amanda
Bowie, MD

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